Carpet Cleaning Service

(special discount for UH residents*)

Bass Brothers Carpets | Kirk Hahner | 816-289-9916

Company coming to town, traffic areas showing soil, your pet had an accident, or two? Union Hill has been working with Kirk Hahner for the past 8 years to handle the make ready and common area cleaning in your apartment community and over the years many of the Union Hill residents have used his services.

How you can begin enjoying this service:

  • Call Kirk and tell him you live in Union Hill.
  • Set up a time for him to clean your carpets.
  • No need to be home to let them in. Just let us know when they’ll be by and because they are a trusted vendor we can have the keys ready for them to pick up in the Information Gallery.
  • *Bass Brothers offer Union Hill residents a $65 rate (normally $90) to clean the traffic areas in your apartment home so you don’t have to worry about moving your furniture.