Pet Grooming Facility – COMING SOON!

UGroom | 2930 McGee Trafficway | 816.777.5900

Eliminate the troubles of bath time with the UGroom pet washing station, conveniently located in a temperature controlled room across the street from our offices. This functional pet bath helps to relieve most of the issues with home pet bathing such as slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches from bending over, and messy bathroom cleanups! The U-shaped opening is designed for convenient entering and exiting and the elevated tub keeps your pet contained while giving you 360-degree access for easy washing and grooming. When you’re ready to start, just use the included 3-point safety harness to keep your pet secure and in place.

All pet owners will have 24 hour access UGroom on a first come, first served basis.

How you can begin enjoying this service:

When you sign the Pet Addendum you will be given instructions on how to access the UGroom facility.

Just bring your pet, with towels, shampoo and hair blower (if desired), to enjoy this amenity and save your bathroom from post-bath cleanup.