Meet Cati Wolfe

Meet Cati Wolfe, the Business Development and Commercial Leasing manager at Union Hill.

What is your title? Business Development /Commercial Leasing Manager

Where are you originally from? I was born here at what was once Richards- Gebaur Air Force Base and then moved to California when I was 2.

How long have you been in KC? I was raised on a ranch in Southern California and went to college in Central California. I had my first “real job” in San Francisco before moving back to Kanas City in 1996. Proud to be a 4th generation Swedish American. My great-grandfather had a Swedish grocery store not far from Union Hill in the early 1920’s. My grandfather, John T. Pierson, Sr. founded the Vendo Company, once the largest manufacturer in Kansas City, with his 3 brothers. I am incredibly proud to have that heritage and commitment to the city in my blood.

What do you like to do outside of work? Be in the moment. I am a wife, mother, daughter, daughter in-law, sister, aunt and friend to many. I try very hard to be the best in those roles that I can be. I am also a total book nerd! I will read anything, and I am usually reading more than one at a time. My oldest favorite is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and my latest fave is Life by Keith Richards.

What is your favorite part about Union Hill? Always the people first!  And the opportunity to be a part of what was started here. KC is truly on the right path in almost every sense and what Union Hill stands for personifies all of that. Beautiful housing and neighborhoods, support of local business, commitment to philanthropy and commitment to the betterment of our city.

What is your favorite part about Kansas City? Does it get any better than our city? I have lived and traveled all over our great nation and abroad. Kansas City is hands down the best place to live, work and raise a family. We are incredibly blessed to have a city filled with true gentlemen and women who lift up others and put a huge emphasis on doing our individual and group best efforts in all ways.

If you were going to be a new color in a Crayola box what color would you be? Whatever the color of kindness, passion and commitment is…

If you could have one super hero power what would it be? To slow down time.

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