Unmatched Opportunity

  • $3.8 billion in household income within 1 mile, dwarfing other markets
  • And still growing: Approved development plans for Union Hll and Hallmark include additional 1 million square feet of office space and 1,000 new residential units along with Children’s Mercy Hospital’s $800 million expansion plans
  • Union Hill can provide direct access to resident database
  • Market consists of 3 customer bases: 1) high disposable income residents, 2) 39,890 employees, 3) commuters via travel paths from CBD

Untapped Market

  • Class A retailers in this market are performing at extraordinary levels
  • Located on existing commuter paths
  • Under-served market – a few Class A retailers are in the market, largely due to high barrier to entry such as government approvals, land acquisition and environmental abatement

Strength and Stability

  • Local developer since 1982
  • Over $100 million invested to date
  • Unique sub-market with unmatched job stability: institutions, universities, hospitals, & law firms
  • Added 10,000 new jobs in last three years alone
  • Seven large institutions control the area around Union Hill which is larger than the CBD Loop


  • Gillham Road provides the quickest and easiest access from Mission Hills, Kansas to Crown Center and Central Business District
  • Lots of dedicated free parking
  • Existing development plans call for 1,000 new homes and 1 million square feet of office space
  • Careful design created a district with timeless architecture
  • Extensive streetscape promotes pedestrian access and easy vehicular access: 3.5 million of additional streetscape in 2010
  • Excellent visibility with corner location on two major thoroughfares

The Costco Experience

Initially Costco turned down their current site. One of Costco’s visionary leaders sensed a larger under-served market potential and looked deeper. Costco re-evaluated the site using a Trade Zone that went to 75th Street, including Kansas City’s most affluent areas. The Union Hill location is Costco’s best performing store in the Midwest and draws regular customers from as far south as 95th Street. Without vision, Costco would have missed its best performing store in the Midwest.

In the middle of it all.

Household income of residents & employees within 1 mile

$0 $1B $2B $3B $4B
Union Hill
Red Bridge
Zona Rosa


Union Hill enjoys lower crime rates than Brookside and the Country Club Plaza. (Source: KCPD)

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