Meet The Colom Family!

Michael and Cassandra Colom met in Boston, after moving around a bit they finally settled down in Kansas City. It was a career opportunity Michael could not pass up that ultimately brought the couple to Kansas City. Michael, a market research analyst works in the Crossroads and Cassandra, an accountant works in Independence so Union Hill was the perfect location for the two. Michael absolutely loves his 2-minute commute to work.

The couple first moved to a different apartment complex in the city, but crime concerns and a new born led the couple to soon move into Union Hill following a recommendation by one of Michael’s co-workers. The nice, clean community, plus the proximity to work and activities made Union Hill a no brainer for Colom’s. The couple, their 1 year old son, Logan and cat, Stich currently live in a 2-bedroom loft apartment. Logan is currently in daycare at the Westport Montessori school, just 5 minutes away.

The Colom’s love taking Logan to the neighborhood park just two blocks away. They also enjoy being close to the Plaza and Crown Center, there is never a shortage of family friendly activities.  One of their favorites this year was Crown Center’s Chalk Art Festival and now they are looking forward to the holiday events at Crown Center and Union Station. Michael and Cassandra are big fans of Underdog Wine. They love the helpful management and selection of wine, craft beer, and spirits. They also enjoy the nearby local craft breweries in the Crossroads.

The Colom’s also appreciate a peaceful night at home playing board games, cooking dinner, and entertaining friends and family. Arts and crafts is another passion for the power couple. There is nothing better than relaxing at home with a great bottle of wine or cider, a fun board game or an arts project and a great movie or music on in the background.

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